About Us

At ChiroSport Specialists, our team of highly-trained professionals blend traditional and diversified Chiropractic treatments and services with their extensive knowledge of Bio-mechanics and advanced skills with Active Release Techniques to offer our patients the best in individualized care.

Active Release Techniques, commonly referred to as ART, is a highly effective tissue therapy designed to release acute and chronic muscular tension, open joint restrictions, and free nerve entrapments in order to reduce pain, restore optimal range of motion and enhance athletic performance.

Whether you area novice athlete or a professional competitor, the benefits of ChiroSport’s custom, effective rehabilitation will get you back to your peak performance and ready to get to the next level.

Dr. Troy Van Biezen has been featured on Top Docs of DFW; a 30-minute television show featuring the top doctors and procedures in DFW!  Each week Top Docs of DFW interviews doctors to get a peek into their practice and specialties. Check out the videos!