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The Big Four Treatments For Relief: Muscle Strain

Muscle strains are very common injuries but we get questions all the time on what to do with them. There are 2 different types of muscle strains: Trauma or pulled muscles Non-trauma or what we can repetitive trauma injuries Pulled … Read More »

5 Perfect Yoga Poses for Your Desk

You might be wondering how can you “detox” at your desk? First things first, know that yoga doesn’t have to be confined to a mat or a hot room, just like you don’t have to be confined to the tight … Read More »

6 All-Natural Treatment Options for Headaches

Headaches are very common condition treated by Chiropractors. It is estimated that 93% of headaches are what we call cervicogenic, meaning they are coming from the neck. Symptoms of headaches Pain in the neck Pain around the base of your … Read More »

5 Tips to Get Rid of Shoulder Pain

It’s that time of the year again for shoulder injuries. They always seem to happen more in the spring time, which is attributed to good weather, several months of weightlifting after the New Year and outdoors sports such as tennis … Read More »

5 Ways to Avoid Achilles Pain

Achilles pain or tightness is a common reason for a visit to a Sports Chiropractor. There are many different types and causes. The Achilles tendon is the tendon for the gastrocnemius and soleus muscle. It is important to understand that … Read More »

Hamstring Strains

Hamstring strains are often seen in runners and sports that require a quick change of direction such as soccer players, sprinters, and football players. Many patients also present with tightness in the hamstrings, however other issues can cause hamstring tightness … Read More »

What You Need to Know About Office Ergonomics

Our next blog and video series are on workstation ergonomics.  Poor work ergonomics are a burden on the health care system and also one of the most common reasons for visits to Chiropractors. The reason why poor work ergonomics cause … Read More »

Swing into Spring : Hip Mobility

Our 2nd part of the Swing into Spring series focuses on the importance of hip rotation and stability. The hip is designed to be a very mobile joint, think ball and socket. It also has to be stable in rotation … Read More »

Swing Into Spring: Thoracic Mobility

Our blog series this week focuses on improving rotation flexibility, for sports like golf and tennis.  This is what we refer to as thoracic mobility. Your thoracic spine is made up of 12 vertebra, ranging from the base of your … Read More »

I Am A Golfer Why Do I Have Tennis Elbow?

Tennis elbow refers to pain on the outside of the elbow, whereas pain on the inside of the elbow is called golfers elbow. These terms are misleading because due to the biomechanics of the sport, golfers get tennis elbow 5x … Read More »

All-Natural Treatment for Runner’s Knee

Runner’s knee is also known as Patellofemoral syndrome. It is described as vague knee pain, as there is no specific injury. It is what we would call functional knee pain. It is the most common knee pain found in runners, … Read More »

Sciatica: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Sciatic pain is often pain down the leg, however there are many causes. Many people think sciatica is a condition, however it is only a symptom, such as shoulder pain. However there are many different causes of shoulder pain, just … Read More »

How to Recognize Soft Tissue Injuries

Soft tissue injuries are not just the most common injury in sports, but also in everyday life and work. Injuries to soft tissue encompass muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, nerves and nerve entrapments. Active Release Technique or Therapy is becoming the … Read More »

How often should I buy new running shoes?

Foot pain is a common condition we see as Sports Chiropractors.  Overuse is the most common foot injury we see, followed by traumatic foot injuries like ankle sprains.  Here are some of the risk factors for foot pain: People who … Read More »

6 Treatment Options for Knee Pain

  Knee pain is a common condition we see as Sports Chiropractors. Knee pain categorized as traumatic and non-traumatic, with the latter being the most common type we see. We can further break non-traumatic knee pain down into 2 categories: … Read More »

Symptoms & Solutions for a Neck Strain

Neck pain is a very common issue we treat as Chiropractors. It is estimated that 80% of people will have neck pain at some time in their life (1). There are many causes of neck pain, however the most common … Read More »


At ChiroSport Specialists, our team of highly-trained professionals blend traditional and diversified Chiropractic treatments and services with their extensive knowledge of Bio-mechanics and advanced skills with Active Release Techniques to offer our patients the best in individualized care. Whether you … Read More »


At ChiroSport Specialists, our team of highly-trained professionals blend traditional and diversified Chiropractic treatments and services with their extensive knowledge of Bio-mechanics and advanced skills with Active Release Techniques to offer our patients the best in individualized care. Whether you … Read More »

Mobilize Your Mid-Back: Use A Foam Roller

Many people believe that it is either the Foam Roller or the Lacrosse ball for mid-back self-care. The Lacrosse ball will focus more on the paraspinal muscles that have trigger points and adhesions. You don’t want to place the Lacrosse … Read More »

A 3-Step Safety Check to Avoid Whiplash

Have You Ever Suffered From Whiplash? When we hear the term “whiplash,” we usually envision a rear-end motor vehicle collision that results in the head being thrown to and fro, in a “crack-the-whip” manner resulting in a neck injury. What … Read More »

Beat the heat with Impact Cryotherapy!

Summer is here, and with summer activities come summer injuries. ChiroSport is proud to sponsor with Impact Cryotherapy’s state-of-the-art Cryosauna, which boasts the coldest temps in the industry! We now offer two options for adding Cryotherapy sessions to your recovery plan- … Read More »

Wanna join our team? ChiroSport Specialists now hiring!

ChiroSport Specialists of Dallas is currently hiring for multiple positions! Anyone interested in more information regarding our open positions please contact Heather at

ChiroSport Specialists now offering Cryotherapy in partnership with Impact Cryotherapy!

ChiroSport Specialists of Dallas is excited to announce the installation of Cryotherapy into our extensive list of therapy services offered. In a partnership with Impact Cryotherapy we can now offer the benefits of quicker recovery to get you back to competing for … Read More »

Congratulations to Jordan Spieth on his 2015 Masters win!

Jordan Spieth captures green jacket

Now accepting assignment for Aetna plans as a contracted facility!

We are excited to announce our expansion of contracted insurance carriers to now include Aetna! Effective March 15th, 2015, ChiroSport Specialists of Dallas will accept assignment as a network facility with Aetna health plans. For more information contact the office … Read More »

ChiroSport Specialists of Dallas is excited to announce the addition of Dr. Chris Miller D.C. to our staff!

Dr. Chris B. Miller D.C., A.R.T., TPI-M3   Dr. Chris Miller D.C., received his doctorate of Chiropractic in 2014 from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Port Orange, Florida, graduating Magna Cum Laude.  While earning his Doctorate, he became full body … Read More »

Ben Crane wins St. Jude Classic for fifth career victory–golf.html

ChiroSport Specialists of Dallas is expanding to Frisco!

You asked, and we listened! ChiroSport Specialists of Dallas is finally expanding to the Frisco area this May! Beginning May 13th, ChiroSport will be joining Premier Foot and Ankle at 9359 Legacy Drive in Frisco. Give us a call today … Read More »

Zach Johnson needs an equalizer

Former Masters champ welcomes high winds at Augusta National With the exception of Phil Mickelson, there’s only one Masters Tournament champion since 2007 who has won a PGA Tour event following his Augusta win – and he’s won seven of them. … Read More »

The Tour Doctor is In

When three-time PGA Tour winner Ryan Palmer first told noted sports chiropractor Dr. Troy Van Biezen he wanted to play in the Mercedes Championship, the doctor thought he was crazy. Palmer’s goals weren’t over-the-top, mind you. Having won the 2008 … Read More »

Ryan Palmer wins 2010 Sony Open and Thanks Dr. Troy Van Biezen

Ryan Palmer picked up his third PGA Tour title with a one-stroke victory over Robert Allenby in the Sony Open in Hawaii at Waialae Country Club. Palmer and Allenby shared the lead coming into the final round and the American … Read More »

In Motion

From his Addison-based office, Dr. Troy Van Biezen has already treated multiple professional athletes, from the NHL to PGA Tour golfers. But after partnering with Motion Golf and Austin-area instructor Buck Mayers, Dr. Van Biezen has been watching many more pairs of golf cleats walking through his door. Read More »

Can fixing my slice help my back pain?

A majority of golfers struggle with back pain. Coincidentally, a majority of amateurs struggle with a slice. Last year, there were 25 million doctor visits for golf-related injuries. Not surprisingly, back pain was the most common reason. The position in … Read More »

The33’s new show Top Docs features ChiroSport Specialists of Dallas

Dr. Troy Van Biezen is featured on Top Docs of DFW.

Bad back forces Weibring out of Players Championship

By DON O’BRIEN Herald-Whig Sports Editor D.A. Weibring knew what he wanted to do during Thursday’s opening round at The Players Championship. It’s just that his body wouldn’t let him. “Sometimes, the sick golfer can have a great round,” Weibring … Read More »

The Art of Active Release: Improve your swing with this state-of-the-art technique

The golf swing requires proper body mechanics. Proper body mechanics requires full rotational mobility of nearly every joint involved and must be done—efficiently, explosively and repeatedly. Many swing faults are a result of poor joint mobility, resulting from soft tissue … Read More »

How Ryan Palmer’s shoulder recovered just in time to play the Mercedes Championship

It was 7 a.m. on a Tuesday in early January when I received a phone call from PGA Tour player Ryan Palmer. Based on his tone of voice, I knew something was wrong. He stated, "We have a problem!" I … Read More »

Opening round not only thing affected by wind at Shell Open

Frank Krystyniak The Huntsville Item Thu Apr 02, 2009, 11:41 PM CDT Thursday was a pro golfer’s nightmare at the Shell Houston Open. On a typical day the typical pro does some physical preparation such as stretching, warms up on … Read More »

Five steps to playing better golf this season

Golf season is upon us. Are are you excited? Many of you are anxious to dust off the golf clubs and get to the golf course for your first round of golf. You might be wondering, “How to do I … Read More »

Westlake’s Watts finally getting out of the rough

Poised to make the transformation from journeyman to major champion, Brian Watts came within six inches of capturing a career-defining victory at the 1998 British Open. His difficult bunker shot on the 72nd hole at Royal Birkdale barely missed, however, and he lost a four-hole playoff to Mark O’Meara. Read More »

Stankowski is thrilled with comeback

By Melanie Hauser Contributor SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — He almost didn’t get on the plane. Honest. He was nervous — scared even — of the next step. Of playing his first round of professional golf in a year. Of seeing … Read More »